500 words essay due in12 hours

·       Read “Side Trip” #2 (page 183) and discuss what forms of intercultural praxis with interactions between the French-speaking and English- speaking Quebec/ Canadian cultures?

·       Side Trip #3 (page 211) The Amish culture is known to resist the “English” culture of the outside world. Both seem to manage quite well. Identify the Amish approach to managing conflict.

·       Pendulum Principle and Transaction Principle (include these principles in each answer)

Transaction Principle: intercultural communication is a process whereby people from different cultures move within a negotiation zone from postiions to interests, in search of an acceptance resolution.

Pendulum Principle: intercultural communication is an ongoing and interactive process that simultaneously connects and keeps apart people from different cultures, producing multiple voices.


Reading materials are attached, 500 words, due in 12 hours.

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