A narrow and focus topic

My topic chose is : Should the United States provide Universal healthcare ?

Start by thinking about the different topics associated with a given subject category;  then examine the debatable issues in your topic ; then think about the different points of view and perspectives;  then develop your thesis.  A good way to visualize this is

  Subject  Themes  Issues  Debates  Points of view  Thesis

  The domains I have provided are very large (and may have significant overlaps).  You have to reduce them in order to be able to write a questionable claim (a thesis).  Remember that you will have to take a stand in the debate;  your thesis statement should clarify where you stand and what you stand for, so it should be crafted narrowly.

  The essay you write should be both informative and compelling.  This means that you are expected to be fully aware of the topic and set a position on it.  Your essay should start with a clear thesis statement (a clearly stated statement, assertion, or proposition).

example for doing this work:

Subject: The opioid epidemic

Topic: Who is to blame?

Issues: Increased over dosages, increased deaths in short amt of time, while Big Pharma’s pockets swell, and the government’s inadequate oversights

Debates: Some would say the physician has the responsibility or even the patient for abusing the medication, but Big Pharma is behind it all. 

Viewpoints: The physician prescribes the medications knowing that it is addictive, the patients are not willing to titrate off of their doses and have no desire to stop taking medication and have totally become dependent on these medications, Big Pharma has quotas to meet, they worry too much about their “bottom line.” Drug reps are taught how to “groom” doctors.

Thesis: Big Pharma companies like Purdue, Cephalon, and Insys who over-promote or “push” their products for off-label uses and use deceptive claims about addiction, are ultimately to blame for causing the worst man-made plague in the history of America: the opioid epidemic

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