Analyzing survey results | Computer Science homework help

Top Talent Employment Services provides both temporary and permanent employees to clients in a tristate area. Top Talent uses an online customer satisfaction survey that makes it easy for clients to provide feedback about the services and the employees provided by Top Talent. Jill Simons, sales and marketing manager at Top Talent, has asked you to analyze the survey data from the past 3 months to identify areas of company performance that may need improvement.

  1. Download the TopTalentSurvey Excel file Ch09Ex01 and provide descriptive statistics (mean, mode, minimum, maximum) for each survey item. Use appropriate functions to calculate statistics. This requires planning ahead. Designate an area of the workbook to display the statistics for each month and for each survey question.
  2. Create a line chart to display the survey results using the means of all survey items.   
  3. Save the Excel spreadsheet under your name and M4 Lab Assignment.  
  4. Open a Word document and copy paste the data and the line chart.
  5. Write a brief summary identifying the areas that have shown the greatest improvement in customer satisfaction and the ones that have shown a decline in customer satisfaction.
  6. Save the Word document under your name and M4 Lab Assignment. 
  7. Submit both files to the assignment submission folder.

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