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Powerpoint | Applied Sciences homework help

Instructions You have been recently hired as an Epidemiological Research Assistant at your county’s Health Department. It is only day 1 on the job and you have been asked to develop a presentation for the County Commissioners describing a health disparity within your community. (Blairsvill Georgia) In your report, you are asked to summarize the […]

Mgt-660 part 2 | Management homework help

For the Strategic Plan assignment, you will work throughout the course to create a market entry plan (entrepreneurial), a market expansion plan for an existing organization, or a mergers and acquisitions plan that seeks to increase your organization’s competitive advantage.   Complete Part 2 of the Strategic Plan assignment according to the directions in the Part […]

Essay2 | Criminal homework help

   write a paper that provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts and how they are related. Submit a 1,000 to 1,500-word paper in which you address the following: Provide the formal definitions of deviance and criminality. How might the characteristics and qualifications of deviance differ based on context? Use […]

Discussion | Political Science homework help

part 1 : Discussion: Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, Pandemics, and Protests The Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests have given us an opportunity to re-think civil liberties and civil rights in America.   After reading “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “Disease Control, Civil Liberties, and Mass Testing”,  what are your thoughts about freedom and […]

Bsl 4040 and bsl 4080? | BSL 4040 – Communication Skills for Leaders | Columbia Southern University

Assignment 1 BSL 4040 Communication Skills for Leaders  Beebe, S. A., & Mottet, T. P. (2016). Business and professional communication: Principles and skills for leadership (3rd ed.). Pearson.  1. (400 words)  Describe the best practices for working in a virtual team using the concepts covered on pages 114–116 in the textbook.  chapter 9.1.3: in attached […]

Final individual project – interview assignment

ndividual Final Project: Interview Assignment You are to locate and interview one working individual . The individual must belong to a different identity group from yourself, and you are tasked with interviewing that person about that differing identity group.  For example, an interviewee could differ from you by generation (centennial versus Gen X), by race, […]

Denial of service(dos) attacks | Computer Science homework help

Learn About Defending Against DDoS Using WORD, write an ORIGINAL brief essay of 300 words or more: Find a DoS attack that has occurred in the last six months You might find some resources at www.f-secure.com. Note how that attack was conducted. Write a brief explanation of how you might have defended against that specific attack. Note your Safe Assign score. […]

Ch9 | World history homework help

part oneAn Op Ed is an opinion editorial piece. The author creates a strong argument based on opinion. It usually has some form of bias and is meant to sway the audience in siding with the author’s opinion.  This assignment asks you to create an OpEd piece for a local American newspaper. Choose to either […]

Luxury shoe warehouse, inc. is a designer shoe warehouse, selling

Luxury Shoe Warehouse, Inc. is a designer shoe warehouse, selling some of the most luxurious and fashionable shoes at prices that people can actually afford. Its balance sheet, at February 2, 2013, contained the following (listed alphabetically, amounts in thousands). Accounts Payable $ 290,700 Accounts Receivable 117,000 Cash 318,700 Common Stock 847,100 Equipment 453,500 Inventory […]