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 In a well-organized paper identify an organized crime entity we have researched (or you are interested in) during the semester. Write a comprehensive assessment of the group; explain the history, origin, areas of operation, important individuals, and key practices (business operations). Consider the following throughout the paper: 1) Identify key cases or major legal efforts to thwart the group operations. 2) Explain any identified links between legitimate businesses and the organization you select. 3) Identify any uncovered connections between political parties or individuals and the organization you select. 4) Discuss financial connections or links to out of country financial institutions (evidence of money laundering or structuring). 5) Explore possible connections between bona fide (identified) terrorist groups and the organization you select. You did a great job critically discussing #1. I did not see a section that discussed #3. #2 and 4 could be discussed in greater detail.


attached is first draft at least 10pages

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