Carter cleaning company | Management homework help


The Carter Cleaning Company cases are a written homework assignment where you’ll apply HR Management concepts to a small business in need of sound HR practices.  Your responses should demonstrate that you can correctly identify and apply relevant concepts we study in class.  Think of this assignment as the quality of your advice that you’ll give to Jennifer.


  1. Carefully read the Carter Cleaning Company Cases for all of the chapters in Unit 3 (4, 5, 6), making note of the pertinent information and issues.  For each question below, identify the relevant HR Management concept from the chapter. 
  2. Using this concept, construct a thorough and unique response to the questions.  Be sure to provide support in order to justify your response.   You can use examples from class discussion, your work experience, and the case details.
  3. Submit your assignment on or before the due date.

Your work is evaluated according to the rubric here in this assignment. 

Case Questions:

  1. Discuss the problems/issues at hand at Carter Cleaning for this unit.
  2. If Jennifer conducted a job analysis on positions at Carter Cleaning, what problems at the stores could be solved?  What HRM activities would involve the use of job descriptions?
  3. What method(s)s should Jennifer use to collect the job information? Explain why
  4. What is the recruitment related problem at Carter Cleaning?  If you were Jennifer, how would you use recruitment activities to help solve the turnover problem?
  5. Describe the selection processes that Jennifer could use to reduce each problem of employee turnover and employee theft.  How would these processes reduce turnover and theft?

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