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or your case study grade, you will be reading two case studies; both will come from the PDF attached – “Dealing with Difficult People”.

Case Study 2 of 2 “10 More Strategies” – Page 11; is due Sunday, April 12.

Read “10 More Strategies” (Page 11 of the attached PDF) The scenario is about Jessica, a hotel manager in Miami. Through Jessica’s scenario; you will learn 10 strategies to bring back a negotiation from the brink of failure when dealing with a difficult person.

The only APA requirement I am grading you on is the cover page and reference page; see APA Sample I attached to the assignment list. 5 pages (including cover page and reference page) minimum. Please double-space, use Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins.

The purpose of each case is to augment the course content with applications that enable you to apply text materials to a scenario and relate to that problem using what you have learned. In your own words describe in detail what you learned from the case and strategies outline

Due April 12

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