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As the design of user input commences, one of the first tasks is to assess the various alternatives for entering information. The primary objective of any form of data input is to enter or update error-free data. Fraud is a problem reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. and worldwide. Almost every week we see newspaper articles describing fraud and other white-collar crimes. Discuss the following questions:

Privileged users include people who have access to the source code, executable program, and database structure of a system. System and/or network administrators have access to all functions of the system, and they usually have software programs to help control access and monitor access attempts. Complete the following assignment:

  • Answer Problems and Exercises questions 1-2 on pages 404-405.

Lab Work

Remember what you learned about design class diagrams (DCDs) in Chapter 10: a first-cut DCD is created based on the domain model class diagram, but then it is refined and expanded as the sequence diagrams are developed. In this lab, you will practice working with design diagrams. Complete the following assignment:

  • Complete the Case Study “ Book Exchange” on page 367. 
    • Use Visio to create the diagrams. 
      • Note: If you cannot access Visio, you may use alternative software such as DIA, Word, or PowerPoint.

Your completed assignment should be at least 2 pages.