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6-2 Worksheet: Evidence-Based Conclusions 

Building off your milestone work on  your selected issue, complete the worksheet to draft your research  question (using the format provided) and outline which data you will  present in your final project, demonstrating its applicability to the  issue and outline appropriate uses of data informing conclusions in the  final project.

Download the Module Six Conclusions Worksheet to begin your work and access the Module Six Worksheet Rubric for more information on how this assignment will be graded.           comment:             Well done! You clearly raised some great points. Please read over my  comments within your paper. I believe you are on the right track;  however, your research question is broad. Remember, we want to narrow  down the question to be as specific as possible. Your current question  has the potential to involve nearly endless variables. I offered some  considerations within your paper. As we move into the final project,  simply adjust your research question and make it more definitive. /// 

This  is a very broad question. There are several variables to consider: what  police department, the types of calls for police service versus  self-initiated police action, the crimes involved, did the offender use  physical force against the police first, weapons involved, were  civilians harmed and threats of harm, the variables are endless. You  should consider narrowing this question as much as possible.

Do not understand this assumption, the police are always readily available

These two assumptions are solid.

police reports will present facts of the cases involved. I understand that you will not be examining police reports.

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