Class: in your experience or scholarly exploration, how might leading

Kensington has a great post! I’m going to add in unionization to our scenario! I’ve worked as union and non-union as a RN and Nurse Educator. There are pros and cons for both. I can say, from my own experience, unions today are not like they were in my 20’s. Which makes sense as all organizations change over time.

To answer the question, look up unions for nurses in your state and take a look at their main information page. All unions have set process, in writing, to deal with any issue from overtime to our situation. It is essential that the proper process of grievance happens so that the case is not thrown out when being mitigated per the set process. Generally, the set process is union representatives and state representatives meeting to discuss the issue and resolve the issue.

Class: In your experience or scholarly exploration, how might leading in a unionized organization present challenges not normally encountered?


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