Cmgtqio | Information Systems homework help

Using the Case Study #1 Facebook and Instagram: Privacy Challenges Access link, review the information presented in the Case Study: Facebook and Instagram: Privacy Challenges.

Working together as a team, prepare an e-mail analyzing ethical privacy trends, confidentiality, and privacy regulations based on the information in the case study for the employees in the Vampire Legends organization from Wk 1.

Consider the following questions as you create your e-mail:

  • How might privacy and user considerations differ for an application such as Facebook, which is used primarily by individual users, compared with an application such as an ERP system that is used primarily by corporations?
  • How does the default selection of sharing versus not sharing information affect the subsequent choices of individual users?
  • What is the likely perspective of marketers on privacy issues at Facebook?
  • How do app developers fit into the social media industry?

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