Complete a 3- to- 4-page incident action plan for counterterrorism

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 Assume you hold the role of a security manager for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland. Your facility is considered a Critical Infrastructure under the National Infrastructure Protection Framework. Recently, your office was notified by the local Washington Field Office (WFO) that a plant employee has been in contact with an individual with ties to a terrorist organization that is seeking to conduct a “catastrophic” attack in Washington, DC. The WFO requires your assistance in partnering with their agents and leading the plant’s response to the insider threat. 

Include the following: 

Incident Name

Incident Date/Time

Situation Summary and Health and Safety Briefing (include necessary measures to protect responders from hazards) 

 Current and Planned Objectives 

 Current and Planned Actions, Strategies, and Tactics 

  Describe in 1- to 2-pages the value and methods of communication, immediate contacts, immediate security actions, and responsibilities. Include the following:

· How your office will apply the Incident Action Plan Planning Process 

· What agencies your office will coordinate with to complete the IAP

· What legal implications are involved and how these legal issues impact the incident action plan?