Culture differences blog | Engineering homework help

I need to write a 700 words comparative blog. the blog comparison must be between United State’s culture (my home country) and how it differs and compares to Japan’s culture.

in this project i need an introduction, a clear thesis a body and a conclusion which reinstates the thesis.

also in the body i would like it to be kind of like a bullet point document. Chose a few aspects of the culture between each country explain it, and then list in bullets points how that topic is alike or different between United States culture and Japan’s culture.

U must use at least 5 different, relevant and current sources in this assignment. (((this is required by the teacher and a big part of the final grade))).

(( I will give you one of the sources I found that has enough information about japans or any other culture, enough to write the whole blog but we are required to use 5 sources))

I need this assignment at 10pm today (( that gives 11 to 12 hours to complete this assignment.))

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