Decision making 2 | Management homework help


1. Write a description of a job interview you have had.

a. Did you understand the criteria to be used in making a hiring decision?

b. Did you make arguments in response to the criteria?

c. Did the job decision rest on the criteria?

d. In all, do you think the decision was critical or uncritical, and why?

I need 1 reference. Please answer each questions.

2. Examine an Experience: Express a decision you have made in your work environment or home environment or school environment in which you felt you were biased. Give reasons why you had biases and what those biases were? 

I need 1 reference

3.Answer the following question in essay form (double-spaced, APA format): 

a. Present a popular issue such as gay/lesbian marriage, globalization, or ethics in business, and indicate starting points on which the arguments could rest.
b. Particularly, identify on key terms (language interpretation strategies), facts, presumptions, and probabilities, and identify the most likely commonplaces that will appear in the arguments.
c. Present any biases you think would affect the argument. 

Please site your source at least 4 references.

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