Designing a great interface | ITCO391


Section A

As the lead for the design team project, it is time to create your first mock-up of this interface. Based off of your previously chosen organization from the Unit project 1, you will now begin the design. Complete the following:

  • In a Word      document of 1–2 pages, describe at least 3 interface design techniques      that you will use in your interface design.
  • Create a      mock-up interface for the project.
  • Use at least      3 user interface design techniques.
  • Ensure that      the interface can track information (e.g., name, aliases, location,      nationality, product, price, picture, notes, quantity, street address,      etc.). Remember that these will vary based on the organization.
  • The screen      should be able to do the following:
    • Open
    • Close
    • Minimize
    • Maximize
  • Submit a      screenshot in Word or another application (if functional), and confirm      with your instructor that the file type is acceptable if it is not a Word      document

Section B

Building on your initial user interface (UI) design mock-up of the organization’s program UI, the interface now needs to present more information to the user. Complete the following for this assignment:

  • The      interface should present information visually with icons or graphics and      text regarding critical issues related to the system, such as the      following:
    • New       orders
    • Change       in employee status
    • Updated       pictures
    • New       products or services offered
  • Describe      techniques for developing prototypes of user interfaces.
  • You      must add at least 5 critical issue UI design items to your interface.      Remember to ensure that these are easily understood by users.
  • • Submit      a screenshot in Word. Or a functional application if pre-approved by your      instructor.
  • Describe      the items that you added to your interface design. Be specific with your      descriptions, and identify the particular design features along with an      explanation of why they are added in the way that they were.

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