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Reference Textbook link:

Friedman, A. (2014, January 2). Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know. Retrieved from 


In Part I of your reference textbook (Cybersecurity and Cyberwar), after providing a brief history of the Internet and certain terms and definitions associated with Cybersecurity, the authors relate several specific and often recent examples of the challenges we face.

1. Given your prior knowledge, what new information about “How It All Works” was gained from reading the text. Did anything in this section conflict, in any way, with you felt was true? Be Specific!

2. Focusing on the overview of “Threats”, (starting on page 39 of your reference text), which threat(s) do you personally view as the most significant? Why?

3. In the section “What Happened in WikiLeaks” you are introduced to some interesting and controversial historical organizations/figures. Briefly define your reaction to the roles played by Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and WikiLeaks.

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