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For this assignment, you are to select one of your previously submitted assignments (the character analysis, the setting essay, or the poetry explication) and add in text from at least two outside sources of literary criticism from the Gale Literary Sources database at the Alabama Virtual Library. Your sources MUST come from this reputable database. You should not incorporate information you found at unreliable sources (such as enotes, shmoop, or coursehero). You will also be adding in parenthetical citations for these two sources in the text of the essay and adding entries for the sources to your works cited page. This assignment will give you the experience of finding appropriate sources of literary criticism and incorporating them into a paper without having to write a completely new essay.

. Make sure your paper meets the following requirements:

· Must be at least two full pages of text (excluding the works cited page)

· Must reference two outside sources of literary criticism

· Must not include any plagiarism

· Must conform to MLA specifications to include double-spaced text, one-inch margins, appropriate student and class information at the left margin of the first page, and a running header of your last name and the page number on every page 

· Must include parenthetical citations for both the primary literary work and the articles of literary criticism

· Must include a works cited page that includes entries for the primary literary work and the articles of literary criticism