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When creating content incorporating other peoples’ work, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the rights necessary to use the content for the purposes you desire. Getting permission is the obvious way to secure your position, but is it always necessary? There are defenses that can make permissions superfluous, but will distributors and employers accept that risk? Will you? This activity involves reading a comic book that chronicles the adventures of a documentary filmmaker trying to navigate the complicated tangle of copyright laws in order to make a movie about New York City. This assignment will open your eyes to the possibilities.


  • Identify protectable interests and rights holders
  • Discern lawful use of others’ intellectual property and personality interests
  • Describe how to preserve ownership rights in intellectual property and personality interests
  • Understand how intellectual property laws and personality interests can be violated, along with potential penalties
  • Assess content utilization from a legal and community perspective
  • Exploit rights through use and licensing

Assignment Instructions

Review “Permissions” PDF for further details and information to complete answer all questions.

  1. Read the comic book Bound by Law, below or online at https://law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/ (80+ pages)
  2. Complete the following worksheet.
  3. Check the completed worksheet before posting to ensure the text saved. Take screen shots of the completed worksheet as a safeguard because sometimes the PDF doesn’t save the text. You may upload the screen shots if the PDF doesn’t work.

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