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ENGRD 111 Final Assignment– To be completed for class 9 of RAD. (Submit a text entry box or a file upload)

This is your final assignment in your RAD class for ENGWR 300!  The journal assignment asks you to create an assignment for yourself using multiple RAD strategies (KWL+, Metacognition, Annotation, Double Entry Journal, Patterns Graphics Organizers, Purpose, Style and Speed) you will use on your ENGWR 300 reading before your final class next week. The following reflection questions will help you choose what to do:

  • Think about the next reading tasks you have coming up in ENGWR 300. What will you read? What will be your purposes for reading?
  • Review your metacognitive check-ins from the entire class. What strategies were most useful to you?

After thinking through the above questions, write the following in a journal.  

First, how will you apply the reading process to your next reading assignment? 

Here are some examples of what this answer might look like:

I am doing a research paper.  I will survey articles in the library research database. Then, I will choose four and skim them Finally, I will decide which ones you will use. Once I decide, I will carefully or generally read one of the articles. Before I read it, I will predict the pattern of organization, annotate the article, and use the pattern of organization to help me identify the important points in the article.


I am going to read a new book so I will survey the chapters first. Then, I will identify the topic, assess my schema, and complete a KWL chart to build my schema. Then, I will read and annotate the chapter.

After stating the purpose and how you will accomplish it write out a journal that reflects on how you have developed as a reader over the course of the RAD class and how you will apply what you have learned. 

This journal should be at least one-page typed in MLA format. Turn in your typed journal in this assignment box.  

Here are some additional questions to help you as you write your page.  You do not need to answer all of them.  Choose the ones that best help you reflect on how you developed.  

  • Which of the reading strategies will you continue to use and why?
  • How and when will you use them in your college reading now and in the future?  
  • Discuss your use of the reading strategies you chose for your last assignment. How did they affect your reading?
  • How have you changed as a reader? What do you feel like you have learned or accomplished? What do you still want to know or improve?


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