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We see many shows on TV with singers, musicians and dancers being evaluated by panels of judges. Have you ever wondered exactly what is involved in properly evaluating a performer?

Though we’d like to think the process is objective, many judges rely on their own artistic experience, basing their judgement on how they feel about the performer or the performer’s popularity. However, as we see in chapters 9 & 10 of your READ section there are many elements to be considered beyond commercial success.

  • Select your favorite artist in music or dance. 
  • Explain why they are your favorite. 
  • What unique qualities set them apart from other artists? Make sure you use some of the terms and techniques highlighted in your READ and ATTEND sections to defend your position.

Tips and Reminders:

Aim for no fewer than three paragraphs (5-7 sentences each). As always, check for grammar before you post your answer to the discussion thread. Write in an essay format rather than a question an answer format. Use complete sentences and most importantly elaborate. Make sure you cite your reference material using APA guidelines. Bethel requires two scholarly references for each discussion post (make sure you use in-text citations and cite references at the end of your discussion-you may use your text book (READ section) or the lecture (ATTEND) as a reference, use your library link (V-camp) to find at least one outside scholarly reference). I am strict about scholarly references see my notes in the Announcement section about what is and what is not a scholarly reference.

Each week post your initial response to the Discussion prompt by Wednesday at 11:59pm CST. Then, come back and respond to TWO peers’ posts by Sunday (11:59pm CST). Use your classmate’s name when responding to their answers. Offer valuable advice as you respond to your classmate’s responses, think of ways and examples that relate to everyday situations. Offer encouragement and helpful tips to create a community in which you can grow together academically. Start this week by trying to find out as much as possible about each other.  Replies should be no less than 100 words.

Discussion is worth 25 points. Discussion word count requirement: a minimum of 250 words (main post) and two scholarly references.

A final note: You will find a detailed breakdown of how each discussion is evaluated in the syllabus.

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