Final submission of case study analysis on the sox compliance journey

Note: this is a graduate paper, instructions in attachment should be strictly followed for a thorough and complete work. You are to work on the final submission.


In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

·Transcribe formalized or verbal financial processes into both narrative and process flowcharts for identifying gaps resulting in potential material weaknesses

·Summarize advantages and disadvantages of various accounting electronic data processing systems with respect to a specific industry’s needs

·Perform substantive testing of accounting systems to ensure processes described by management are accurately reflected within system transactions

·Formulate recommendations for improvements to financial processes based on outcomes of testing

·Assess the effectiveness of companies’ internal control structures for producing accurate and reliable financial reports

·Interpret standards as outlined in ISACA and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board as they relate to compliance within specific industries


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