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Perform library and Internet research on a recent fraudulent financial reporting case. In a paper of between 750 and 1475 words (3 to 5 pages), do the following:

  • Provide a summary of the company’s history and background.
  • Describe and then analyze the fraud committed.
  • Discuss how the fraud was detected and reported.
  • Present information about the damages/losses caused by the fraud.
  • Analyze the internal control deficiencies that allowed the fraud, including any applicability of SOX or the COSO internal control framework.
  • Recommend strategic planning that the company could execute that would result in remediation and corrective actions to correct internal control deficiencies.

Be sure to:

  • Follow accepted research approaches and citation format (APA style).
  • Convey your understanding of the readings and concepts and their application to the topic.
  • Write in an organized and coherent way.
  • Check for and correct spelling, sentence structure, and grammatical errors.
  • Demonstrate graduate-level analytical skills.

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