Finance – spreading cat financials

Assignment 1: Spreading CAT Financials.  As the first step in truly understand the structure of a firm’s financial statements, you are asked to go to and retrieve the 2014 annual report (10K) for Caterpillar Inc, ticker symbol “CAT”. Print out its income statement and balance and “spread” the information into an Excel template I provide. Some accounts are labeled differently from the original 10K, but follow industry practice. You need to make decisions when to combine accounts and when to report accounts separably.  The following video demonstrate how to “Spreading Financial Statements”. The same video is accessible through the topic “Multimedia” in this module. I also provide the template you can use for this exercise.  There are two worksheets: Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Please complete both. The highlighted cells should contain formulas. CAT Financials Spreading Template.xlsx

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