Government questions ( answer questions in own words) need 11:00pm

 “{ government Questions ( ANSWER QUESTIONS IN OWN WORDS) need 11:00pm tonight 

1.  What is a foreign policy and why is it important that each country has one? 

2.  Who are the primary actors in U.S. foreign policy? 

3.  What themes matter when discussing the content of American foreign policy? 

4.  Discuss four goals of foreign policy (State Department) for the U.S.

5.  Discuss Joe Biden’s foreign policy vision for America

6.  What is the role of public opinion in a representative democracy? How does public
  opinion influence public policy? 

7.  What resources are available for college students to become engaged citizens? How would you address a political problem Civic Engagement – 453 – in your community after reading this chapter? 

8.  What has been the impact of the Internet on civic engagement? What has been the impact of social media on civic engagement and political awareness. 

9.  Why is it important to be able to decipher “fake news” from legitimate news sources? What are some strategies you will use to stop the spread of “fake news”?

10.  How have you been involved in civic engagement?

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