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Grammar Assignment


We both began to tire. As we passed the halfway mark in the race.

But whenever I’d hear Reggie’s footsteps behind me. I would pump my legs faster



I have a few phobias. Such as fear of heights and fear of dogs. My nightmare is to be trapped in a hot-air balloon. With three German shepherds.



 My children joke that we celebrate “Hanumas” With our Jewish neighbors. We share


 Hanukkah and Christmas activities. Including making potato pancakes at their house




and decorating our tree.


     Punching all the buttons on his radio in sequence. Phil kept looking for a good song. He was in the mood to cruise down the highway. And sing at the top of his voice.



     I noticed two cartons of cigarettes. Sticking up out of my neighbor’s trash bag. I realized he had made up his mind. To give up smoking for the fifth time this year. Whenever he gets the urge to quit and I find these cigarettes in his trash. I don’t have to buy smokes for a while when that happens I’m delighted he’s going to try to get healthy again



I’ve decided to leave home. And rent an apartment. By being away from home and on my own. I will not get along any better with my parents. But I won’t have to see them much.



  The alley behind our house was flat. Except for a wide groove in the center. We used to sail paper boats down the groove. Whenever it rained hard enough to create a “river.” There


Don passed the computer school’s aptitude test. Which qualifies him for nine months of

Training. Don kidded that anyone could be accepted. If he or she had four thousandDollars






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