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1] Idenntify an agency in your community [INDIANAPOLIS] that provide health care services for children of all ages as: 

  • Immunization progress
  • Well-baby clinic
  • Day care centers 

        A paper will have to be submitted outlining the following: 

  •  Name and Address of the facility
  •  The type of services they provide 
  •  The population they serve
  •  Provide a health education plan to explain to the services they provide .

2] Lab Assignment- Research PaperSelect an article in any nursing journal that relate to Pediatric nursing

  •  Include the summary of chosen topic, diagnosis treatment and medication
  •  Identify most significant point in relation to Pediatric Nursing
  •  Include personal reaction and its impact to Pediatric nursing

3]  Film Viewing— Movie of Choice  Related to Pediatrics      Submit a Reaction Paper which includes: 

  • Title of the movie
  •  Summary
  •  Why this movie was chosen and
  •   Lessons learned