Homwork | Sociology homework help


Discussion Post #8

We’ve discussed a lot of material in a short amount of time. Discuss two topics that you’ve learned in this class that you didn’t know before. How can you use some of the information learned in society? For example, just because you learned about something, how can you use it? Apply it? ( 


  Homework #15

This week I want you to find a website that discusses DREAMers and DACA. At the top of your word document, I want you to copy and paste the URL so that I can see where your information came from.
Then, I want you to write a 200-word description of DACA and DREAMers so that I can see you fully understand what those concepts mean.
Include a word count at the bottom of your document. 


Homework #16

Go through the following document and list some of the main things needed in order for an immigrant to become a U.S. Citizen. Let’s assume he is she is over the age of 18. Give examples. 


 I need  this done 300 words.

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