Hpi final | Human Resource Management homework help


See attachment is a list of several case studies. Read through the included Case Studies, and choose ONE that you find interesting.

The assignment is for you to prepare a project funding plan for presentation to the senior leadership of the organization.

Think carefully about *what techniques and tools you will use to create the HPT solution to the problem that is presented.


*Be sure to also provide information on how you intend to measure your success. *You might want to estimate time, resources, and cost of the project. Your presentation can be either a PowerPoint presentation (with substantial explanation in the narration section) or an essay or both.

* No plagiarism

* Word amount minimum of 350 words ensure you meet all grdaing criteris


Submit your plan by the due date.

Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points
Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria 40
Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts 20
Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts 30
Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and APA style 10
Total 100


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