Influence of obesity on the overall health


Based on the information collected in the Research Method, formulate the Results section of your selected topic. Do not forget that your Results section needs to provide a visual (table, graphic, figure, etc.) and a narrative paragraph that helps your reader understand the information presented in the visual. Please do not interpret the results! 




6. Results

a. Take the sources identified in the Method

b. Simply present the Results in a narrative paragraph 

· Order: chronological order; importance; contribution, etc. 

· Do not interpret Results

· Do not analyze the Results

c. Add a visual aid (table, figure, graph, etc.)


Minimum five (5) references: studies (2016-2021)

Influence of Obesity on the Overall Health


Criterion 1: 

Criterion 2: 

Criterion 3: 

These three criteria will have to be related to each bibliography.

It can be in the form of a table, figure, graph, etc

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