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 International Film Comparison Paper

Watch Jean Renoir’s 1939 The Rules of the Game. Then you may choose from ONE (1) of the four other films below. After watching The Rules of the Game and the film of your choice, use the knowledge you have learned thus far in class to compare and contrast the two films.


Use IMDB or Wikipedia to read synopses.

  • The Rules of the Game  (1939), directed by Jean Renoir (REQUIRED).

Then choose ONE (1) of the following:

  • Senso  (1954), directed by Luchino Visconti (Italy)
  • Smiles of a Summer Night (1956), directed by Ingmar Bergman (Sweden)
  • The Marriage of Marie Braun (1978), directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder (Italy)
  • Girlhood (2015), directed by Céline Sciamma (France)


  • It will be up to you to come up with an argument that encompasses both films. 
  • You will need to compare and contrast several elements of the films, developing a multi-perspective analysis of local, global, international, and communication issues throughout the films. 
  • One other source besides Stephen Prince’s Movies and Meaning is required. You cannot cite IMDB or Wikipedia. Do some research on the director of your film. If you have time to watch another of his or her films, I encourage you. 
  • You will then write a 3-4 double-spaced page paper that analyzes and exposes what you learned from the course about the given films.

As your paper will analyze films directed/written by people from different countries, it is crucial to dissect how these filmmakers approach the elements of filmmaking to tell a narrative. Some of the elements to consider are, but not limited to:

  • Film Structure
  • Cinematography
  • Design
  • Editing
  • Acting
  • Sound
  • Genre
  • Visual effects

Make sure you explain each component you choose in detail and defend your arguments with sources!

Be sure to write your paper in APA format citing the text when necessary. Include an abstract, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and reference page. 


Don’t be informal. You’re writing a paper, not a discussion. Don’t offer opinions that sound like social media posts. Writing, “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown had incredible performances!” will get you points knocked off.

Use topic sentences. These are the first sentences of your paragraphs, the organizing ideas. For example: “Thanks to its use of deep focus and Walter Murch’s sound design, Apocalypse Now recreates the experience of barely surviving a war in Southeast Asia.”

You must cite Movies and meaning and any relevant secondary sources. If you have seen movies to which you can compare The Rules of the Game and the other film of your choice, also cite them. Your paper will be richer if it demonstrates a familiarity with film as a cross-generational conversation.


Your paper is to be written in an APA-Style format. This includes the following:

  • 12-point font
  • Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced
  • 1-inch margins
  • cover page
  • reference page
  • in-text citations

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