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 Assignment 1 


Essay: Territorial Disputes


International observers have noted that of all world regions, Latin America is one of the most peaceful. While some persistent conflicts exist—for example, border disputes between Peru and Ecuador, between Bolivia and Chile, or between Colombia and Venezuela—and while American and Soviet support led to proxy civil wars in the region in the 1980s, relations between the states of Latin America have been relatively peaceful over the past 100 years. This is all the more remarkable given the fact that rival countries have linguistic differences and ideological differences, and suffer from the same territorial disputes and economic competition that countries elsewhere in the world experience.

Using the basic principles of dominance, reciprocity, and identity outlined in your text, offer an explanation for the ability of Latin America to avoid more large-scale interstate war. Then, imagine yourself as a mediator in negotiations between Ecuador and Peru attempting to resolve the conflict over the disputed border regions of Cenepa and Paquisha. Tell how might you use the principles outlined above to help develop a mutually acceptable plan for deciding ownership and control over the territory?

(500 – 700 words)

assignment 2 

 How many of the six types of international conflicts discussed in this chapter can you connect with the phenomenon of nationalism, as it is defined in this chapter? What are the connections in each case? 

( minimum 15o words)

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