Introduction to criminal court assignment

Assignment due tomorrow 

Your written assignment for the first half of the scores will follow a criminal case through the pre-trial ,trial and sentencing process.

The state of Georgia versus Troy Davis the 1989 murder of police officer Mark Macphail in savannah Georgia 

*** On the basis of your case study answer the following
part 1: Describe the case against the defendant and the crimes for which the defendant was charged.identify the court rooms players involved in this case (the judge and attorney)

Explain the decisions that the prosecutor and the defense were faced with, Including the possibility of plea bargain.


on the basis of your case then answer the following

describe the pretrial processes that take place in a criminal trial and use the facts and players related to your specific case study to illustrate wherever possible.

were there any pretrial motions? what pretrial motions would you expect there to be?

*****submit your assignment in a Microsoft Word document including cover page reference page 3-4 page of content  ****
***Cite  any sources using APA guidelines on a separate page NO PLAGIARISM, must be ORIGINAL**ON TIME*** APA format 7th edition

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