Kotlin (dog tinder assignment) | Computer Science homework help


Using the fundamentals of creating event handlers in code, make a program that allows you to swipe left and right 


1) Minimum requirements– change  a view  background color when you swipe left and right. the rainbow is ROYGBIV– have it go towards Red if you swipe left and towards violet if you swipe right (Or any other creative way you want to swipe)

Extensions (any tinder type app but only with cute animals!)

2) Get some puppy pictures from the internet and make Dog Tinder where the user gets to swipe left and right on particular dogs. 

3) Display the statistics on the number swiped left and right

4) Display the statistics in a list in a textbox of which rounds were right swipes and which rounds were left swipes

CODE THIS IN KOTLIN !! (Android Studio) 

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