Management decision making | Accounting homework help


A) Must contain at least one citation from a source in support of your assertions, assumptions, opinions, or conclusions. 

1. Read the editorials in one issue of a newspaper and answer these questions for each:

a. What adherence is sought from the reader?

b. Who are the appropriate decision makers? Why?

c. What claims does the editorial make?

d. What support is provided for the claims?

e. What criticism can you make of the argument

2. Select a topic with which you are familiar that involves making a decision. Prepare an argument in which you label each of these parts:

a. In what kind of sphere is the decision to be made?

b. What is the ultimate purpose of the decision?

c. What proposition expresses your desired decision?

d. What issue do you want to address?

e. What claim do you wish to make?

f. What Kind of support will you supply?

B) Answer the following question in essay form (double-spaced, APA format): 

  1. Discuss the relationship      between claims, issues, and propositions.
  2. Define and explain critical      decision making through argumentation.
  3. Discuss the inner dialogue and      its role in argumentation. How does it relate to dialectic?
  4. Explain the difference between      dialectic and rhetoric, and discuss how each contributes to critical      decisions.
  5. Explain what the text means by      “critical decisions,” and how they contrast with uncritical      decisions.

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