Mastering teacher leadership case study solution

1)Build the management-research question hierarchy for this opportunity. 2 Evaluate the appropriateness of the exploratory stage of the research design. 3 Evaluate the sampling strategy. 4 Evaluate the survey: a In terms of structure, what is the quality of this instrument? What improvements would you make? b In terms of measurement questions, are the chosen response strategies appropriate? c Does this instrument meet the needs summarized in the investigative questions noted in your management-research question hierarchy (question 1 above)? 5 Prepare a preliminary analysis plan for this study. Which variables do you want frequencies on? Why? Which variables do you want to cross-tabulate? Why? 6 Analyze the data from this study on your CD (Excel 97 file format: Witt Masters CPD.xls). With respect to creating a Master of Arts in Classroom Leadership program, what recommendation is supported by your data analysis? 7 What role could GIS play in this analysis?

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