Must be quickbooks certified or have knowledge

From your Quickbooks Project, please submit the following a management report containing

A)- A one-page cover letter or report to the business owner. [There are many templates online].  (Links to an external site.)I suggest that you follow the linked one above but feel free to use a different one.

Regardless, at a minimum interpret the numbers in terms of

                       (a) liquidity,

                       (b) profitability

                      (c) solvency if applicable, and finally,

                       (d) your recommendations.

B). Include the:

a) Basic financial statements for the period you covered. Include the Sales, Expense, Aging, reports if you deem these necessary.

b) At least three notes disclosing things that you think the owner should know, e.g, FIFO, depreciation, etc. [you can follow GAAP disclosures]. The best way to find disclosable information is to google for any companies annual reports and look at their footnotes. 

In Quickbooks go to REPORTS and then the “management report” column.

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