Physics 2 lab 3 report

Lab 3 is an experiment done on Capacitance & Capacitors:

I want about 4 to 5 pages well written report

The format should be:-


data: data is already collected and uploaded as an excel file so no need to write anything in here except mentioning that data is attached 

data Analysis: here where all the calculations and errors are mentioned

Discussion: Which have two parts

    Physics of the experiment: includes the physics behind the experiment 

    Sources of errors: here where it should mention the types of errors accrued and there affect 


Files attached:

An example of the report is attached (Phy2 lab3 (1).pdf) The first page leave it as it is

The procedure steps are attached (03 Capacitance & Capacitors.pdf)

Video of the experiment is attached in this link (

What is required to be mentioned in the report is attached (03 Guide.pdf)

The data sheet is attached (Phy 2 – Capictance and Capacitors (1).xlsx)

some photos are also attached for more clear clear vision

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