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Click the link above to watch the tutorial on Electrostatics at The Physics Place. (If you have any trouble viewing the tutorial, please contact Heather Hill via email.)



Static Electricity (8 points)

Purpose: To demonstrate the effect of static electricity.

Materials: comb; aluminum foil; scissors


  • Cut ten tiny pieces of aluminum foil and lay them on a table.
  • Quickly move the comb through you hair. (Your hair must be clean, dry, and oil-free.)
  • Hold the teeth of the comb above the foil pieces. Do not touch the aluminum


  1. What happened?
  2. Why?


Logical Order (12 points)

If you start with two charged spheres and end with two neutral spheres, number the pictures in the order that shows how charges flow.

Charging by induction is when you start with two neutrally charged spheres and end with two oppositely charged spheres with a third charged object not in direct contact. The following graphical pictures are arranged randomly. Number the pictures in the correct order. The order should start with two neutrally charged spheres and end with two oppositely charged spheres.(Need help? Quick hint )


Written Response (10 points)

Describe how materials become charged. Start with the description of how an atom becomes charged. Then zoom out from the atomic view and explain the molecular view. Finally, explain how the molecular view can be simplified to a macroscopic view of positively and negatively charged objects.





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