Please answer case study questions.

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  The case and questions are attached. 

Has Masco been successful (up until 1986)?

a. Support your opinion with 3 facts.

        Masco has been successful due to the company’s strong diverse product offering, customer customization (innovation), and strong vision and mission between the company’s M&A.

b. Support your opinion with financial ratios over at least 5 years in a table format.

2. What contributed to the success in the faucet business?

a. Your answer should use strategy terminology that incorporates external analysis concepts.

b. Your answer should use strategy terminology that incorporates internal analysis concepts.

        Generally, in M&A there is a fear of changes because employees and management believe that the company who acquires the other well change everything.In Masco case they sought out firms that were strong in the market so they value not reinventing the wheel.  Masco’s internal success is their vision “to encourage an entrepreneurial management style”  Masco did not micro management but also encouraged “a minimum of corporate operating constraits.” Masco’s strategy of not only keeping

3. Should Masco enter the furniture industry?

a. Your answer should include whether Masco brings special resources to the furniture industry.

b. You need to include 3 points to support your opinion.