Powerpoint | Ecology homework help


For the presentation part of your project you will need to create a PowerPoint presentation about your case study (look at instructions in the Semester Project module of the course content).  Make it appealing and informative for your classmates.  You will be graded on the presentation (see presentation grading rubric) and responses to your classmates’ presentations (see below under responses).

Presentation: DUE April 16th, 11:59 PM

Please make a presentation using PowerPoint (again see the project instructions).  This presentation should include at least, but not limited to: an introduction, explanation of the environmental issue, opposing views on your topic, possible solutions, conclusion, questions for discussion, and references (especially if you are using pictures that are not your own).  Include on most slides graphs/figures/pictures/diagrams.  

While you will not be formally presenting this, your presentation should represent/be the same as one you would use if you were asked to orally present your project.  Therefore, it will need to be thorough, complete, attractive, flow, make sense, etc.

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