Quality and sustainability part three – implementation and evaluation

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Quality and Sustainability Part Three – Implementation and Evaluation

Type of Service

Term Paper

Urgency 12 to 18 hours 

No. of Pages/Wordcount

6 page(s)/1650 Words

Style APA Style

Destailed Description

References must not later than 5 years.

The Quality and Sustainability Paper is a practice immersion assignment designed to be completed in three sections. 

This is part three of the assignment. Learners are required to provide a theoretical framework that supports the design and implementation of their evidence-based quality and/or safety program and discuss expected outcomes.


Write a paper that provides the following:

1. Identify a quality, change, or safety theory you will use to support the implementation of your quality and/or safety program. Provide evidence that supports the use of this theory within the program you designed.

2. Provide the design of your evidenced-based quality and/or safety program that can be implemented to improve quality or safety outcomes in your identified entity.

3.Discuss expected outcomes of your implementation and how to ensure their sustainability.

4. Support your position by referencing at least five to six to eight scholarly resources. At least three of your supporting references must be from scholarly sources other than the assigned readings.

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