Quotes on flexibility | English homework help


Read the following 3 quotes dealing with the important skill of flexibility. Discuss them as a class.

Choose the quote that means the most to you and write a response in which you:

  • paraphrase it in our own words (1 pt.)
  • explain why that quote has special meaning for you (1 pt.)
  • discuss how you might apply the quote to your life at Cedar Crest College (1 pt.)

In your written response, you must include the proper heading. (1 pt.) The example is below.:

Your Name 

Professor Onushco

Academic Success II – CSS 130 00 2


this is the quote 

“In the face of the world’s harshness and danger, organisms of any kind develop protection — a coat of armor, a rigid system, a comforting ritual. For the short term, it may work, but for the long term it spells disaster. People weighed down by a system and inflexible ways of doing things cannot move fast, cannot sense or adapt to change. They lumber around more and more slowly until they go the way of the brontosaurus. Learn to move fast and adapt or you will be eaten.”

― Robert Greene

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