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This course requires a 1750-word, research paper based upon a hypothetical scenario. The scenario is as follows: You are the special assistant to the Saint Leo Chief of Police (or Sheriff). The Chief is relying on you for your good judgment, experience, and analytical abilities. A number of issues have come to the Chief’s attention and your expertise is needed. Because the legal minefield is ever-changing, the legal issues with which the Chief is confronted change from week to week. You will be called upon to analyze and make recommendations regarding the facts and relevant law on the problems the Chief is facing. Those scenarios will be presented at the end of the Research Paper Guidelines document, found in Doc Sharing. The student must choose one of the problem scenarios and notify the instructor of the problem chosen via the Assignment box in Module 2. The research paper is due in Module 7 and there are 27 points available for this assignment. 


A minimum of three references are required with no more than one from Internet sources. This does not include cases which the student may cite to support their recommendations. Additionally, at least four cases must be cited. The paper must include a running head, page numbers, cover page, abstract, introduction, discussion, conclusion, and references. You are required to use no more than 15% of others quoted work.  

There scenario’s are in the file that has been uploaded.  

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