Scientific persuasion study review | Social Science homework help

 You will write a review paper on a scientific study on persuasion. Goldstein, Martin, and Cialdini (2008 – see the list of the required textbooks) has 50 small chapters and each chapter introduces a persuasion strategy based on scientific research. Choose one chapter that interests you the most and search for the original research paper cited and explained in the chapter by using Google Scholar or UAlbany Library. You can find the full citation of the research paper in the reference list of the book. If you cannot find the original research paper, consult the instructor. Summarize the paper including research questions (and/or hypotheses), theoretical background, methods, results, and discussion. Provide two applications of the study to real life persuasion. The applications must be your own. 3-4 pages. 

The link to the pdf of the book is here:!,%2050%20Scientifically%20Proven%20Ways%20to%20Be%20Persuasive.pdf