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 “St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility Case —5.” Prepare your composition to cover the following topics or questions with in the Body section of the paper described for this assignment: a. What do you think the construction project manager should have done when the Director of Security stopped attending the project meetings? And why? b. What information does Fred need to make a decision about building a hair salon? c. How much time has to be made up for the original, baseline schedule to be met? Give suggestions on steps to makeup time.) Write a 3 to 5 page paper (1000 to 1500 words) in APA format 


  It is now just 4 months until the Assisted Living Facility program is scheduled to be completed. The team is excited because they can watch the construc- tion of the facility and feel they are moving toward the end of this program. Every week since construction began, the construction project manager, Kyle Nanno, has been holding a meeting of his project team. At the meetings he invites representa- tives of the construction company, the facilities manager from St. Dismas, the Director of Security, and other key peo- ple as he deems necessary. The meetings are scheduled every Friday at 1:00 pm and last not more than 1 hour. No mat- ter who is or is not there, Kyle starts the meetings exactly at 1:00 pm. Kyle developed the following standing agenda: 1. Review schedule and budget as of today’s date 2. Review schedule and budget for next 2 weeks 3. Issues impacting schedule or budget 4. Next steps and action items to be completed .

 The construction project update presented at the April 11, 2001 meeting is shown on the next page. After each meeting the construction project manager emails the minutes of the meeting and the action item list generated to each member of the Construction Project team. He also sends the information to Fred Splient, the president of St. Dismas, as well as to each member of the ALF Project Steering Team. Following the update is the most recent copy of the action items generated at the 4/11/01 construction project meeting. Upon reading the minutes and action items from the week’s meeting, Fred got quite angry. Fred read the min- utes every week and would immediately phone Kyle to ask why certain decisions still had not been made. This week he wanted to know why the location of the security panel had not been picked out yet, and what the hair salon issue was about. Kyle decided that these matters would be better discussed face to face. He went to Fred’s office. Kyle proceeded to explain to Fred that the Director of Security, Frank Geagy, had not attended the con- struction project update meeting in weeks. Kyle said that Frank informed him that in light of the cost cutting going on in the hospital, he is short staffed and cannot hire a new security guard. Frank states that he person- ally has to cover shifts during the time when the update meetings take place. Kyle told Fred that he was not com- fortable making the security panel decision without the head of security’s input, and that Frank has not returned his phone calls or answered his emails. Fred Splient pro- ceeded to tell Kyle in a very loud and angry voice, “That  guy is not short staffed and is not busy covering anyone’s shift. Who does he think he is?” Fred instructed Kyle to tell Frank to answer the contractor’s questions immediately or the decisions would be made for him. Kyle said he would do so and then changed the subject. He told Fred that they were still waiting for the city officials to approve the parking lot construction permit. St. Dismas’s legal officer estimated that it would take 8–10 weeks to hear back on approval. Kyle allocated that amount of time in the schedule. Kyle received notice from Fred to proceed with the parking lot construction on January 11, 2001. On February 9, he submitted the application for a permit, complete with appropriate plans and descriptions of the proposed lot, and allocated 10 weeks to wait for the county to notify him. He expected approval on or before April 19 and scheduled construction to begin April 20. Privately, he doubted he would hear from the county by his target date. The lot would take 3 weeks to build, 2 weeks to install the lighting and add landscaping, and 1 week to pave and stripe. The plot had to be completed by the end of June so that parking spaces would be available when Marketing wanted to begin showing the facility to poten- tial residents. This was a tight schedule, but the market- ing people insisted that residents had to begin preparing for this kind of move at least a month before they took residence. Potential residents needed to see the facility, get familiar with apartment layouts, and they needed a place to park. Also, Marketing insisted on having some occupancy by the opening date. Kyle told Fred that Legal was calling the county weekly to follow up. Fred wanted to know why the parking lot construction was not outlined on the project plan for facil- ity construction. Fred asked Kyle to add it to the Gantt chart and to do a what-if analysis on the assumption that the county did not respond until May 1. Fred also wanted to know the latest date that they could be notified and still meet a June 15 deadline for completion of the lot. As Kyle was leaving Fred’s office, Fred asked him about the hair salon. Kyle explained that the COO and VP of Marketing had come up with an idea to build and operate a hair salon in the facility for the residents. They thought this might be a great selling point that could generate revenue. They came to Kyle just 2 months ago and asked him to include a hair salon on the first floor of the facility. Kyle explained that he did not have enough information to be able to determine the impact this would have on the construction schedule or the cost of this addition. Fred listened and then wondered if the members of his team had done any analysis to determine if this was a good idea or not. Fred told Kyle he would get back to him on that one. He then made a phone call to the COO and VP of Marketing. 

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