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The final signature assignment for this strategic marketing course will require research, academic writing, critical thinking, and analysis on a current issue facing the marketing discipline. Through this assignment (referred to as the “Semester Paper”), students will demonstrate their ability to conduct academic research. The final signature assignment for this course will require a minimum 20-page (not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, and references), double-spaced, APA formatted academic research paper.

The academic research paper will include the basic components of an academic research paper which requires an introduction section including the identification of a contemporary marketing problem, overview of the problem, background, purpose statement, and research questions, a literature review section, an analysis section, and a conclusion section.

Please note that this course requires students to focus their research based on existing research literature from peer-reviewed articles.
Post 2-3 paragraphs in this discussion forum identifying the potential contemporary marketing problem you would like to study for the semester paper along with the problem statement as seen in the attached pdf. Identify 2-3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles that you believe will assist you in preparing this semester paper.