Swot analysis | Business & Finance homework help

 You are required to choose ONE of the following as the subject of your final project:  MLB, WNBA, NBA, NFL, or MLS

You must research your organization and AT MINIMUM (meaning you can/should include other information you think will enhance your project) include the following information in a PowerPoint:
Background information: year established, total number of teams, location of home office
Organizational structure:  what are the key executive positions of the organization and who holds those positions (this number will vary from league to league)
SWOT analysis: after researching the organization, you will complete a SWOT analysis for the league. Each section of the SWOT analysis needs to have a minimum of 3 items/bullet points. 
You will compile all this information into a PowerPoint ( use the template provided) and will do a full presentation complete with voiceover for each slide.  Click here for directions on how to record your voice with your PowerPoint.  

How you’ll be graded

  • Quality and accuracy of information provided
  • Organization of PowerPoint – use the template provided; font rsizes and styles should be consistent; not too much text/information on each slide
  • Presentation – clear voice, easy to understand, explain and inform – don’t simply read what’s on the slide (I can read), avoid overuse of vocal fillers like ‘uhm, like, you know, uh’.

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