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Synthesis Paper Instructions

You will write a 3–5-page paper in current APA format addressing the following components:

1. Explain how the following Biblical concepts contribute to what the Bible says about the role of government: 

· Inalienable rights

· Natural law

· Institutional separation of church and state

· Covenant/federalism

· Sin/crime distinction

2. Provide one policy issue and discuss how those Biblical principles would be helpful for understanding the government’s approach to the issue.

3. Provide an overview of the key enumerated powers in the Constitution relevant for what each branch of government may and may not do.

4. Compare and contrast how the three basic worldviews discussed in the week 1 presentations and activities would define the role of government and other actors in policy solutions.

* All required sources/presentations from Modules/Weeks 1–2 must be used, especially the “Biblical Principles of Government” article, in addition to 3–5 outside sources.  The Constitution must also be cited as appropriate, especially for question 3.

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