Unit 5 application assignment: controlling assets | intro to business | ECPI University

 *****HAS TO BE ON APPLE INC.*****

This last application assignment will be rather different than the first four assignments. In this assignment, you will prepare a simple report on one of the 10 terms and concepts listed below.


  • Select one of the terms from this list of ten terms for your report.
  • Define the term.
  • Respond to the two questions beneath the term.
  • You do not need a template to follow.
    • Your file should be approximately one page, using one resource.
    • Cite your information that you find from your resource.
    • Provide the full reference for the resource information at the end of the report.
    • You do not need a cover page, and you do not need a separate references page.
  1. Spam and Spyware
    1. How can installing anti-spyware and spam filtering software improve business productivity?
    2. How do these tools protect company and customer records?
  2. Cloud computing
    1. What are the advantages and risks to a business?
    2. What are the advantages and risks to an individual?
  3. Identity Theft
    1. How does your employer or your bank protect your personal information?
    2. What steps can you take to protect your personal information?
  4. Financial statements
    1. Identify and define the three financial statements.
    2. How do these three statements reflect business conditions?
  5. Certified Public Accountant
    1. What services do CPAs provide a business?
    2. As a business owner, should you consider hiring a CPA?
  6. Accounting Equation
    1. What is your net worth?
    2. How can you increase your net worth in the future?
  7. 401k Plan
    1. Why is a 401k plan important to your retirement and future?
    2. How should you manage your 401k?
  8. Federal Reserve System
    1. How does the Federal Reserve System control the money supply?
    2. How does the money supply affect a business?
  9. Commercial Banks
    1. What roles do commercial banks play in business?
    2. How might we use a commercial bank to obtain the capital needed to start a business?
  10. Money
    1. Are credit cards money? Explain your answer.
    2. Is Bitcoin money? Explain your answer.

Using the same company you used in the application assignments for units 1, 2, 3, and 4,**( APPLE INC)** provide the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Stock Exchange where traded
  • Stock Symbol
  • Stock Price 1 year ago
  • Stock Price Today
  • Would you buy stock and invest in this company? Explain your decision.

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