Unit vi powerpoint msl 5200 | MSL 5200 – Crisis Communication Management | Columbia Southern University



    Imagine that you are the head of the public communications office in  an organization that has yet to embrace social media. Develop a  presentation for the board or executive leadership team to persuade them  that social media is necessary for prudent and effective crisis  management. Your goal is to gain your leaders’ confidence, a commitment  of resources, and a long-term endorsement of your plans to include  social media in the organization’s crisis response plan.           Describe at least three different social media tools, how each is  being used or will be used to communicate during a crisis, and propose  rules for how to get the organization’s message out efficiently,  effectively, and succinctly using these tools.            Your presentation should be at least 15 slides in length. You may  also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as  necessary. In addition, the presentation should have a title slide and a  references slide.            If you require any assistance in creating your PowerPoint  presentation, feel free to access the following tutorial created by the  CSU Success Center:           Columbia Southern Success Center [SuccessCenter]. (2014, June 13).       Presentable PowerPoints [Video file]. Retrieved from      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnsJPzGl36k  

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